Dwight's Wednesday Plate Lunch

November 14, 2018

PoBoy Special of the Day

Fried Fish PoBoy


Served with Fountain Drink & Bag of Chips

Kitchen Special of the Week:

Cheeseburger Wrap, Chips, & a drink


Now Serving...

BBQ Chicken


Your choice of white or dark meat

BBQ Fresh Sausage


BBQ Pork Steak


Crawfish Etouffee


Fried Fish


Shrimp Stew


Meatloaf & Gravy


Fried Shrimp


Meatball Fricassee


Shrimp and Okra Gumbo


Chicken and Fresh Sausage


Chicken and Smoked Sausage


Sides (Choice of Two):

Hot Sides

Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Mac & Cheese
Turnip Greens
Fried Okra
Smothered Cabbage
Hot Dessert

Cold Sides

Potato Salad
Cucumbers & Tomatoes